Digital TV Antenna

Digital Theatre Solutions professional technicians operates all throughout the Sydney Area.nWe offer free onsite quotes with no obligation.nnOur Technicians take the time to explain what the problems are and options you have for the solution. We always try to inform you on the best answer to whatever problem you may have at reasonable price and provide highest quality service after you select from our variety of options.nnWe have been operating for over 10 years, and have experience with digital antennas, foxtel and audio visual. nWe stay up-to-date with technology and implement it every day.nnFor assistance with any enquiry or any of your home entertainment requirements, nContact us on 0246484448n

We can help you: n• Install a new antenna and install multiple outlets in your home.n• Repair or correct your existing antennan• Troubleshoot reception problemsn• Reconfigure your components and TVs to ensure they are working optimal.n• Clean up, remove all packaging materials from your home and neatly organise all cables.n• Show you how to use your system.n

Adding an extra TV outlet can be detrimental to your existing TV outlets if you already have weak signal. nnBut how would you or anyone else know if you had weak signal if you didn't have the right gear? nWe have the gear, Antenna signal meter and know what has to be done to have the extra TV outlets.n